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Coding For Adults



Nationally, in the next 5 years, there will be 1 million software coding jobs that will be unfilled.  Tech Talent has never been more necessary for your business to grow,  companies seeking developers, but so often there paying too much for contractors or outsourcing.


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CODEA Intro to Coding
In 3 hours- In-class sessions are Saturdays 9am - noon you can learn the basics and languages of coding with our roadmap to code. Let us show you how to navigate to the exciting world of coding. From HTML - Python, you will learn how to decipher the different roles of a developer.
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In 8 hours -  In-class sessions are Saturday 9am-1pm,  This course you will learn fundamental of HTML - Build your first website in 2 session  you will learn  HTML,, CSS, FTP, SEO best practices. You will leave this session ready to freelance as a web designer or segway into a front end web junior development career.
CODEA Python  I
n 12 hours - In-class sessions are Saturday 9am-noon
 This course will learn you the fundamental and show anyone (even a beginner) the skills needed to go from nothing to a deployment-ready app, ready for users to sign up. Python is one of the hottest languages in the world right now.
CODEA Mobile App BootCamp
In 5 days.-,students brand new to mobile app development will have coded, personalized, and published IOS and Android app to the app store.  The frameworks and features used (and taught) within these two apps will provide a base-level knowledge suitable for anyone to independently build their own personal or corporate app. 
CODEA Ruby on Rails BootCamp
In 7 days.- Jump headfirst into web app development. Learn all the basics of both the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails framework in just 7 days.  First time developers will learn how to work with a command-line interface, a developer friendly editor, and all the tools needed to build your first apps. 
CODEA Front End Developer Bootcamp
In 10 days.- Learn JavaScript Programming in this hands-on course that teaches students best practices in learn how to build beautiful, interactive websites by learning the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — three common coding languages on which all modern websites are built. applications.  
CODEA @ Your Own Pace
In 30 days.-,Learn to code at your own pace through our online resources. We estimate that the average learner can master any new skill within 30days, So we challenge you to a month of code. Select the course that is write for you, select a monthly or unlimited subscription plan and let the challenge begin

The numbers speak for themselves:

Nationally, in the next five years, there will be one million software coding jobs that will be unfilled. Tech talent has never been more necessary for your business to grow, but so often you’re paying too much for contractors or recycling the same pool of talent.


CODEA wants to change all that by producing fresh, local, high-quality tech talent. Students emerge from our bootcamps not only educated, but prepared to work in teams, apply best practices, and start their careers at your business. Become a hiring partner and meet them. You’ll be impressed.
CODEA has partnered with employers seeking new talent for junior developers, programmers, mobile app developers and webmasters. 



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